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Draw and technical meeting concluded for Macao International Dragon Boat Races 2022

Organized by the Sports Bureau and the Dragon Boat Association of Macao, China, and co-organized by the Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, the Macao International Dragon Boat Races 2022 will be held on 29 May and 3 June at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre. The Organizing Committee convened the draw and technical meeting for the Races today (20 May) at the office of the Dragon Boat Association of Macao, China.

A total of 122 teams will be participating in the Races this year, including 32 teams in the Open Category and 10 teams in the Women’s Category of the Macao Standard Dragon Boat Race (500m), 47 teams in the Open Category and 18 teams in the Women’s Category of the Macao Small Dragon Boat Race (200m), 8 teams for the Macao Government Departments Small Dragon Boat Race (200m) and 7 teams for the Macao University Student Small Dragon Boat Race (200m).

The Organizing Committee will pay close attention to the latest development on the pandemic and make appropriate arrangements for the event accordingly.  In compliance with anti-pandemic guidelines by the Health Bureau, the Organizing Committee will strictly implement a series of preventive measures during the Races. The Organizing Committee would also like to remind all participants that they must comply with Macao’s Law No. 2/2004 on the Prevention, Control and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, pay attention to and cooperate with the anti-pandemic measures of the Macao SAR Government.

To share the festive joy with the public, this year’s event will also include cultural performances and booths for creative products, which will provide residents and visitors with an authentic experience of Macao's dragon boat festival celebrations.  The event will establish itself as a unique brand of sports tourism in Macao and facilitate the synergy and diverse development of sports, culture and tourism in the city.

For more information, please visit the official website www.macaodragonboat.com, or follow the “Macao Major Sporting Events” Facebook page, “澳門體育”(Macao Sports) WeChat public account and “澳門特區體育局” (Macao SAR Sports Bureau) WeChat subscription account.